RFID and digital ID for <span>Healthcare</span>

RFID and digital ID for Healthcare


Improving the performance of the entire system

Digital ID technologies can contribute to the performance of the entire healthcare system, which involves many processes that need identification, monitoring, controlling and documenting – strongholds of touchless RFID technologies.

From pharmacies to hospitals, RFID can help itemize and sort stock to ensure quality and prevent waste. The benefits go beyond return on investment as it has the potential to save lives. That’s why HUAYUN DIGITAL has developed a portfolio of high-quality products, including tamper-evident RFID labels, and luminescent labels that provide pharmacists, hospitals, and those they are treating with vital information. These critical RFID-enabled solutions streamline efficiencies, improve accuracy, and help manage costs, all while fighting pharmaceutical brand counterfeiting. 

Accurate tracking and authentication of medication

Integrating RFID into pharmaceutical products helps improve patient safety by enabling more accurate tracking and authentication of medication through the entire supply chain, with the goal of reducing error rates to nearly zero. It also eliminates the need for costly and, most important in today’s situation, labor-intensive in-house medication tagging, hence removing a considerable burden from the shoulders of hospital staff. 

At a glance: Typical applications

Tracking and tracing of instruments, pharmaceuticals and samples
Inventory accuracy
Product authentication
Pharmaceutical drug safety and anti-counterfeiting
Patient safety and satisfaction

Our products & innovations

The healthcare industry is always looking for better ways to monitor its pharmaceuticals throughout the supply chain to ensure patient safety and wellbeing. Counterfeit drugs, expired inventory and product recalls are some of the toughest challenges facing pharmaceutical companies today. Our AD-190u8 tag is designed to help with these issues. The 0.866 x 0.492 in (22 x 12.5 mm) antenna will fit inside a 1.25 x 0.61 in (31.75 x 15.5 mm) label, and is best suited for tracking pharmaceuticals and medical supplies packaged in small- to medium-sized boxes, as well as directly onto glass.

AD-301r6 is an optimal solution for a wide variety of healthcare applications due to its high performance (average read distance is 2 - 4 meters) on higher dielectrics such as plastic and glass. The design is slightly larger than AD-190u8 at 30 x 15mm and is available in both WEL and NEL orientation. If user memory is needed, the inlay is also offered with the Monza R6-P chip.

As for product security and authenticity — crucial in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors — Circus Tamper Loop Pro inlays and tags combine tamper detection and highly secure product authentication in one NFC product. These tags feature advanced cryptographic capabilities for the secure authentication of pharmaceutical products, as well as a “digital seal” whose tamper status is stored in the tag’s memory and can be read by any authorized NFC-enabled smartphone.

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