HF RFID Inlay Circus™ Tamper Loop Pro

HF RFID Inlay Circus™ Tamper Loop Pro
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HF RFID Inlay Circus™ Tamper Loop Pro

Tamper detection and highly secure products authentication
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Product description

Tamper detection and highly
secure products authentication


Industry segments: Beauty and Personal Care, Food, Healthcare
HUAYUN DIGITAL Circus? Tamper Loop Pro tags extend the proven tamper detection and authentication features of the Circus? Tamper Loop tags with advanced cryptographic capabilities provided by its “Pro” level Silicon Craft SIC43NT chip.
The IC uses a highly secure MICKEY V1 Stream cipher algorithm to create one-time password values for real-time tag and message authentication. Leveraging its unique feature set, Circus? Tamper Loop Pro targets a wide array of NFC-based applications in highly secure product authentication and brand protection, consumer engagement, customer loyalty programs and protected content distribution. 
The product’s tamper-loop design specifically enables an advanced digital seal functionality for smart packaging and brand protection. It exhibits one of two conditions: a closed loop shows that the packaging is sealed; while an open loop indicates an open package. Moreover, the tamper loop status is irreversibly stored in the IC memory can be checked at the tap of a smartphone via a programmed on-chip URL. Secure authentication can be set to start creating 
Circus? Tamper Loop Pro is compliant with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management. This ensures a reliable and state-of-the-art product that meets a variety of application needs.


Technical Features  
Chip Silicon Craft SIC43NT
Frequency Band HF 13.56 MHz
Antenna Dimensions 20 x 50 mm / 0.79 x 2.0 in
Die Cut Dimensions 24 x 54 mm / 0.95 x 2.10 in
Product Code Wet inlay 3007403
Label / sticker 3007404
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