UHF RFID Inlay: HY-332u8

UHF RFID Inlay: HY-332u8
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UHF RFID Inlay: HY-332u8

High reliability in high density, close proximity conditions
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Product description

High reliability in high density,
close proximity conditions


Industry segments: Logistics, Apparel and Fashion
HY-332u8 inlays from HUAYUN Smartrac excel in high density, close proximity conditions often found in supply chain (inventory and logistics) and retail environments (apparel and item-level tagging). 
The Gen2 UHF RAIN RFID inlays have a 70 x 14.5mm antenna design providing superior bulk reading performance when tagged items are stacked, and feature UCODE 8 chips from NXP. The chip is equipped with 128 bits of EPC memory and a 96bit Tag IDentifier (TID) with a 48 bit unique serial number factory-encoded into the TID. 
Like all RFID products from HUAYUN Smartrac, HY-332u8 inlays are manufactured according to the industry's highest quality standards.


Technical features  
Frequency Band UHF 860 - 960 MHz
Antenna Dimensions 70 x 15 mm / 2.76 x 0.57 in
Die Cut Dimensions 76 x 20 mm / 3.00 x 0.80 in
EPC Memory 128 bits
TID Memory 96-Bit Tag IDentifier & 48-Bit
Product Code Wet inlay RF601319
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