UHF RFID Inlay HY-560m4QT

UHF RFID Inlay HY-560m4QT
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UHF RFID Inlay HY-560m4QT

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Product description

Extended memory baggage tracking

Industry segments: Aviation


HY-560m4QT inlays from HUAYUN DIGITAL are the solution of choice for baggage tracking applications that require extended memory.


The product’s Monza 4QT RFID chip enables users to maintain a public and private data profile for confidential data storage and consumer privacy, coupled with large user memory. The unique inlay design features a dual-dipole strap for improved broadband (860-960 MHz) read range performance that is less impacted by tag position/placement on luggage, cartons or cases.  


The Monza 4QT chip from Impinj offers 128 bits of EPC Memory, a User Memory of 512 bits and 96 bits TID memory with a 48 bit unique serial number. Available delivery formats comprise dry inlay and wet inlay.


Like all RFID products from HUAYUN DIGITAL, HY-560m4QT inlays are manufactured according to the industry's highest quality standards, as confirmed by the RFID Lab at Auburn University: The inspection body awarded HUAYUN DIGITAL its first comprehensive and significant ARC accreditation for quality.



Technical features                                
Chip Impinj Monza 4QT
Frequency Band UHF 860 - 960 MHz
Antenna Dimensions 38 x 70 mm / 1.50 x 2.76 in
Die Cut Dimensions 41 x 73 mm / 1.63 x 2.87 in
EPC Memory 128 bits
TID Memory 48-Bit
Product Code Dry inlay RF601331
Wet inlay RF601437
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