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Product description

The dual-frequency advantage in item-level tagging

Industry segments: Apparel and Fashion, Industrial Applications

HUAYUN DIGITAL’s Belt DF inlays and tags are designed for item-level tagging, brand protection, supply chain management, and logistics applications. Based on HUAYUN DIGITAL’s successful Belt RFID product line, they combine excellent performance with a unique dual-frequency capability, operating in both NFC (HF) and RFID (UHF) frequency ranges.


Belt DF’s dual-frequency capability provides powerful all-in one solutions for, inter alia, consumer engagement, and product authentication, offering the possibility to manage the distribution channels and fight the black and grey market. The consumer can verify the authenticity of the purchased product, while the retailer can verify the authenticity of the returned product. Moreover, the interaction with the product before, during or after purchase, in-store or at home, offers a consistent consumer experience, regardless of the sales channel.


Belt DF inlays and tags have a compact 76mm / 3 inch form factor, which can be easily converted into end-application usage, and are available in paper tag delivery format. Belt DF comes with EM Microelectronic’s EM4425 echo-V IC that is equipped with 2048-bits shared user memory. It is accessible via RFID (UHF) and NFC (HF) frequencies, enabling the use of inexpensive, generally available readers (NFC-enabled smartphones) as supplements to dedicated UHF or HF reader infrastructures.


Belt DF supports “One-Time-Password” web authentication and is available with different AES-128 encryption levels for maximum security upon request.



Technical Features                                
Chip EM4425
Frequency Band UHF 860 - 960 MHz / NFC 13.56 MHz
Antenna Dimensions 70 x 20 mm / 2.76 x 0.79 in
Die Cut Dimensions 73 x 23 mm
EPC Memory n/a
TID Memory n/a
Product Code Label / sticker 3007478
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