LF Hard Tag Glass Tag Animal ID

LF Hard Tag Glass Tag Animal ID
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LF Hard Tag Glass Tag Animal ID

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Product description

High security for animal identification

Industry segment: Animal Identification


The HUAYUN DIGITAL Glass Tag Animal ID is a flexible and reliable solution for pet, livestock and fish identification, pigeon race and identification of laboratory animals. It is a flexible solution for secure animal identification that withstands most chemicals and harsh environment circumstances (Immersion IP68). The transponders are available in 134.2kHz.


HUAYUN DIGITAL’s Glass Tag Animal ID is equipped with an OTP microchip. Thereby, several data rates can be programmed and data can be encoded via configuration word in EEPROM. Read and write access to EEPROM can be protected with a 32-bit password and a unique ID.


The Glass Tags Animal ID made out of biocompatible glass are manufactured in Germany under superior standards. Fully automated machines ensure constant quality on the highest possible level.


The glass transponders are suited for applications where data shall only be read from the transponder (Read Only) as well as for applications where data shall be written to and read from the chip (Read/Write mode) thus providing a high security level. Thanks to providing a unique ID, the transponders allow for easy handling with minimum effort.

All glass tags undergo a 100% test regarding optical, mechanical and electrical parameters prior to delivery thus guaranteeing highest quality standards.



Technical Features  
Chip EM 4305
Silicon Craft SIC279
Frequency Band LF 134,2 kHz
Hard Tag Dimensions Ø 1.25 x 8.30 mm / Ø 0.05 x 0.33 in
Ø 1.41 x 8.30 mm / Ø 0.06 x 0.33 in
Ø 2.12 x 12.00 mm / Ø 0.08 x 0.47 in
Ø 3.05 x 16.50 mm / Ø 0.12 x 0,65 in
Ø 3.85 x 23.00 mm / Ø 0.15 x 0,91 in
Ø 3.85 x 32.00 mm / Ø 0.15 x 1.26 in
Ø 3.85 x 23.00 mm / Ø 0.15 x 0,91 in
Ø 3.85 x 32.00 mm / Ø 0.15 x 1.26 in
Total Memory 512 bits
340 bits
Product Code 704437-P (EM 4305)
704587-P (EM 4305)
704487-P (EM 4305)
953006      (EM 4305)
953006-P (EM 4305)
953007      (EM 4305)
953008      (EM 4305)
780237 (SIC279)
780217 (SIC279)
780257 (SIC279)
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