NFC Hard Tag Glass Tag NFC

NFC Hard Tag Glass Tag NFC
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Product description

Top read range for a wide portfolio of applications

Industry segment: Industrial Applications, Healthcare, Sports and Events


HUAYUN DIGITAL’s Glass Tag NFC is designed for a broad range of applications such as retail, apparel, toys and gaming, merchandising, tools and industrial goods, as well as new areas of animal ID.


Its extraordinary robustness and small tubular form factor allow new ways of embedding into physical objects. For example, it can be embedded reliably into a wide range of industrial or consumer products through injection molding in plastic materials or by insertion into small predrilled holes.


Due to its miniature diameter of just 2.12 mm, short length of 12 mm and light weight of 100 mg, HUAYUN DIGITAL´s Glass Tag NFC is one of the smallest form factor glass tags available in the marketplace. Resistant to most chemicals, the tag can be embedded into many different materials such as concrete, plastic or wood, often by insertion into predrilled holes before being sealed in place with synthetic resin or silicone.


The Glass Tag NFC is available with either an NXP SLIX2 IC featuring up to 316 bytes of user memory and NFC Forum Type 5 Tag compliance, or NXP’s NTAG216 IC with up to 888 bytes of user memory and NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliance. Data from the chip inside the NFC Glass Tag can be read by either a dedicated reader or an NFC-enabled smartphone. The typical read distance ranges between 2 and 3 cm, depending on application parameters such as the embedding material and other factors.


All glass tags undergo a 100% test regarding optical, mechanical and electrical parameters prior to delivery thus guaranteeing highest quality standards.



Technical Features  
Chip NXP NTAG216
Frequency Band NFC 13.56 MHz
Dimension Ø 2.12 x 12.00 mm / Ø 0.08 x 0.47 in
User Memory 7104 bits
2528 bits
256 bits
Product Code 739029 (NTAG216)
738029 (SLIX2)
738030 (SLIX-L)
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