VVSC® Handheld Reader RH5

VVSC® Handheld Reader RH5
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VVSC® Handheld Reader RH5

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Product description

Reliable animal identification made easy

Industry segment: Animal Identification


The VVSC® Handheld Reader RH5 is a powerful and cost-effective component of HUAYUN DIGITAL’s VVSC® Handheld Reader RH5 Animal Identification System.


This unique reader is optimized to read implanted transponders in animals like dogs, cats, birds and all kinds of other pets and small animals.


While its low weight and pleasing design allows easy handling, the reading performance is remarkable due to the special design of the integrated antenna, sophisticated circuitry and advanced data analysis.


The 4-line OLED display allows simple and convenient configuration, operation and display of transponder ID data. Seven different language settings (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and Polish) are available.


Captured ID data can be stored internally and transferred from the reader’s memory to a Smartphone via Bluetooth® connection. The reader’s battery capacity allows reading multiple hundreds of ID numbers over several days without recharging.


The RH5 handheld reader is compliant to animal identification ISO standards 11784, 11785 and 14223 (FDX-B as well as HDX). Unless most other competitive models it supports the FDX-A and EM4102 (read-only) protocols.



Technical Features  
Frequency Band LF 124 kHz - 134.2 kHz
Dimensions 155 x 82 mm / 6.10 x 3.23 in
Product Code 800500
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