Waves® Syringe

Waves® Syringe
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Waves® Syringe

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Product description

Premium microchipping solutions for pets

Industry segment: Animal Identification


HUAYUN DIGITAL’s Waves® Syringe products offer inexpensive solutions for electronic animal identification in application areas such as tagging pets, fish, birds, reptiles, horses and zoo or laboratory animals in accordance with ISO 11784 and 11785.


The ergonomic syringe design, together with the smallest needle-gauge, high-precision, medical-grade cannula, guarantees a fast and low-stress application that benefits the animal. Waves® Syringe is created for single use, and the cannula and syringe body can be easily separated for convenient disposal and recycling if required.


The system is available with four different sizes of microchip (transponder) for use with very small to large animals. The microchips are made from biocompatible glass and manufactured in Germany with 100% quality control. This high-quality microchip is delivered with a Parylene coating - an anti-migration treatment that stabilizes the position of the microchip under the animal’s skin.


Each package is sterilized, sealed and marked with an indicator confirming successful sterilization, and the accompanying barcode labels make any registration process simple.

Waves® Syringe is available with ICAR Manufacturer CODE 992, and other codes are available upon request.



Technical Features  
Chip EM 4305
Frequency Band LF 134.2 kHz
Hard Tag Dimensions Ø 1.25 x 8.30 mm / Ø 0.05 x 0.33 in
Ø 1.41 x 8.30 mm / Ø 0.06 x 0.33 in
Ø 1.41 x 10 mm / Ø 0.06 x 0.39 in
Ø 2.12 x 12.00 mm / Ø 0.08 x 0.47 in
Total Memory 512 bits
Product Code 804557-15PS49 (PREMIUM)
804587-15PS49 (PREMIUM)
804537-15PS49 (PREMIUM)
804527-15PS49 (PREMIUM)
804557-04PS13 (ECONOMY)
804587-05PS13 (ECONOMY)
804537-04PS13 (ECONOMY)
804527-06PS13 (ECONOMY)
Upon request (RESELLER)
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