UHF RFID Inlay Midas Flagtag®

UHF RFID Inlay Midas Flagtag®
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Product description

Outperforming tag for metallic surfaces and everyday objects

Industry segments: Logistics, Industrial Applications, Beauty and Personal Care, Automotive, Aviation


HUAYUN DIGITAL’s Midas Flagtag® is designed for item-level tagging on diverse surfaces, especially metallic surfaces like foil packaging, and offers excellent performance in less demanding physical environments.


Midas Flagtag is a cost-efficient RFID (UHF) on-metal solution for  product or part authentication, supply chain & asset management, when compared to other foam-based inlays and hard tags designed for use in tougher environmental conditions. 


Midas Flagtag has an innovative small form factor with a total size of 60 x 21 mm when used as a standard flat paper tag. Its special feature is that a flag can be created at the end of tag with a final paper tag size of 43 x 21 mm after folding, and with an exposed flag size of 17 x 21 mm. The folded part of the tag sticks out of the metal like a flag, and the attached antenna part uses the metal surface as part of the antenna structure to increase the performance of the tag. Read distances of over 10 meters can be achieved, depending on the geometry and size of the metal object. The tags are compatible with RFID printers for easy printing and encoding. 


HUAYUN DIGITAL’s Midas Flagtag is equipped with the Impinj Monza R6 IC that features an Autotune function, which helps Midas Flagtag to work at peak efficiency, even in rapidly changing environments. Furthermore, the Monza R6 chip offers a unique TID, enabling pre-serialized EPC, and is 100% performance tested. 



Technical Features Midas Flagtag, Monza R6
Chip  Impinj Monza R6
Frequency Band UHF (860-960 Mhz)
Antenna Dimensions 31.41 x 18 mm / 1.24 x 0.71 in
Die Cut Dimensions 60 x 21 mm / 2.36 x 0.83 in
EPC Memory  96 bits
TID Memory available
Product Code Product Code:
Dry inlay 3005881
Wet inlay 3005582

Technical Features Midas Flagtag, UCode 8
Chip  NXP UCode 8
Frequency Band UHF (860-960 Mhz)
Antenna Dimensions 34.41 x 18 mm / 1.36 x 0.71 in
Die Cut Dimensions 62 x 21 mm / 2.44 x 0.83 in
EPC Memory 128 bits
TID Memory available
Product Code Product Code:
Wet inlay 3006945
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